There are at least a dozen reasons why universities survey students about teachers and subjects.


· Every university does it.

·  Student evaluation data informs academic promotions and PDR processes.

·  Deans and Heads of Schools/Programs need to identify problematic teachers.

·  Survey results serve as data for reviews, accreditation reports and applications for teaching awards.

·  Students might think that their input matters.

·  Positive results are useful in marketing campaigns.


·  Student evaluation is a component of a system of quality assurance.

·  Results can identify good teachers and commended subjects for recognition and rewards.

·  The role of evaluator can engage and involve students in the education experience.

·  Effectively worded surveys provide results that can serve as evidence of contribution to student learning.

·  Data (particularly detailed student comments) can help universities improve learning and teaching.

·  Benchmarking student evaluation supports the higher education system to grow and develop.


The first six are the most common motivations. The latter six are the reasons that inspired the project team to conduct research about student evaluation.