Dr Shelley Kinash (Bond University) – Team Leader

Associate Professor Shelley Kinash is the Director of Learning and Teaching at Bond University, where she has been employed since 2008. Shelley’s educational leadership role at Bond has three main components: Academic Development – Training, coaching & supporting academic teachers; Learning & Teaching Leadership – Inspiring & guiding learning innovation across Bond; and Learning & Teaching Research & Overall Scholarship – Leading, conducting & supporting learning & teaching research projects and grants, and supporting academics to be recognised and awarded for their teaching excellence. She has twenty years of experience as an academic at the University of Calgary, Canada and as a Visiting Academic to the University of Southern Queensland. Her PhD is in Education Technology and her dissertation topic was blind online learners. She has over 100 publications including 3 books. She has experience through 3 National OLT projects. She was a team member on an Assurance of Learning Commissioned Project, led a Seed project on student evaluation with five other partner institutions and she led a Commissioned Project on Graduate Employability with three institution partners. The Commissioned Project inspired exemplar impact including expanded networks and broad application of knowledge of employability skills from a hosted Symposium with 150 delegates from 21 Australian universities. The Business20’s Human Capital Taskforce requested a project report to inform their presentation at the 2014 G20 Summit.

Ms Madelaine-Marie Judd (Bond University) – Project Manager/Research Assistant

Madelaine-Marie Judd is the Project Manager for the Bond University led Student Evaluation project. She is also Project Manager for a commissioned research project on Graduate Employability, led by Bond University. Madelaine-Marie has worked as a Research Assistant at Griffith University and The University of Queensland. In 2012, Madelaine-Marie was awarded the Summer Research Scholarship within the School of Political Science and International Relations at The University of Queensland. Madelaine-Marie completed a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and International Relations) Honours in 2013 at The University of Queensland.

Mr Vishen Naidu (Bond University) – Team Member

Vishen Naidu is the Project Coordinator at Bond University’s Office of Learning and Teaching. Vishen’s primary role is to oversee the integration and ongoing development of the electronic teaching evaluation system (eTEVAL) at Bond. Vishen has authored and co-authored three published papers on student evaluation of teaching.

Dr Elizabeth Santhanam (Australian Catholic University) –Team Member

Associate Professor Elizabeth Santhanam is the Evaluation Coordinator at ACU. She completed her PhD (Education) at the University of Adelaide in 1997 and has held academic and research positions at the University of Adelaide, University of Western Australia and Monash University, and continues to be an active researcher in student feedback and evaluation.

Dr Julie Fleming (Central Queensland University) – Team Member

Julie Fleming is a Senior Lecturer and Team Leader of Academic Professional Development within Learning and Teaching Services. She has a background in multimedia, online education and curriculum design with a specific focus on distance and flexible learning. Her role is working with academic teaching in order to improve teaching practices and enhance the student learning journey.

Dr Marian Tulloch (Charles Sturt University) – Team Member

Dr Marian Tulloch is an Adjunct Professor of Educational Development at Charles Sturt University. Previously she was Executive Director, Division of Learning and Teaching Services and later Acting Pro Vice Chancellor Student Learning. Her publications and conference presentations have stretched across education and the social sciences. She has an ongoing research interest in the interrelation of quantitative and qualitative methodologies in studying substantive educational and social issues.

Ms Beatrice Tucker (Curtin University) – Team Member

Beatrice Tucker is the Evaluation Manager, Curtin Teaching and Learning and has been integral to the development, validation, implementation and evaluation of eVALUate, Curtin’s online student evaluation system since 2005. She provides leadership for this area and is responsible for the educational guidance and support for quality teaching and learning matters at Curtin.

Dr Jo-Anne Kelder (University of Tasmania) – Team Member

Dr Kelder is employed as Lecturer, Learning and Teaching Quality in the Quality Evaluation Learning and Teaching Unit, Faculty of Health at the University of Tasmania. Her role is to design, lead and evaluate initiatives to embed scholarship into the teaching practice of academics. She is a member of curriculum design teams for several undergraduate courses in the Schools of Medicine and Health Sciences and has particular responsibility for ensuring evaluation design is embedded into curriculum design such that data collected for quality improvement and quality assurance reporting of courses is within a scholarly framework. Her research investigates the nexus between accreditation and practice: relations between organization-level accreditation based on high-level performance indicators and individual professional identities grounded in personal practice and membership of communities of practice.

Professor Sid Nair (University of Western Australia) – Team Member

Professor Sid Nair is a Professor of Higher Education Development at the University of Western Australia. His current role is in the area of quality of teaching and learning. Sid’s research work lies in the areas of quality in the Australian higher education system, classroom and school environments, and the implementation of improvements from stakeholder feedback.